The water was pure and clear

9.11. – 14.12.18 Exhibition, Talks, Lecture

Exhibition fridays 17-20 clock

Drinking water is advertised as pure and clear. In drinking water, however, hormonally active trace substances from medicine are included. The groundwater is increasingly contaminated with fertilizer by nitrate. The Berlin Spree turns brown from the iron oxide of the former lignite mines. In public waters, multidrug-resistant bacteria from sewage treatment plants can be found. The water was pure and clear before industrialization. The art exhibition critically examines our approach to water from a sustainable perspective.

What do artists say about “The water was pure and clear”?

Open call for The water was pure and clear

The brown of the river Spree, C T.A. - The water was pure and clear

The brown of the river Spree, C.T.A.


Artists were invited to apply for the theme described above for a group exhibition in our showrooms.
Genres: Object, Sculpture, Installation, Photo, Painting, Drawing, Printmaking, Video, Sound is possible. A performative contribution (performance, VJ or similar) to the lecture and / or the finissage was desired.
Application: Individual artists or existing artist groups could apply. Required are:
• With form bewerbungen gg3 formular 5TNR (download pdf form, fill out, save, email). To fill in can help “PDF24” or “Okular” for Linux.
• Vita
• e-mail max. 2 MB to water

Presence: We would like to see the presence of the artists or the artist group at the vernissage and the artist talk. Alternatively, the conversation is possible via skype.

Construction 8.11.18, 16-18 clock

Vernissage 9.11, 19 clock, Jürgen Michaelis: Sound performance at the Aquasynth

Artist talk 23.11., 19 clock

Lecture 7.12., 19 clock, N.N.

Finissage 14.12., 19 clock

Dismantling 18.12., 17-19 clock

Jury: Tom Albrecht, Mariel Gottwick,
Curator: Tom Albrecht