The Soil we live of

The Soil we live of –  Exhibition, talks, lecture

24.8. – 19.10.18, Exhibition fridays 17-20 clock

Water washes away the humus. C. T. A. The Soil we live of

Water washes away the humus. C. T. A.

The outer earth layer of our planet is sealed by asphalt and concrete, damaged by soil erosion. The humus is washed away by industrial agriculture. Synthetic fertilizer is a drug for the soil. Soil loses the ability to retain water, the filter function, the diversity of life. That’s the ground we live on. This is The Soil we live of.

We show the works together with the works made in the residency in Academy for Sufficiency (Reckenthin / Prignitz) 23.7. – 23.8. 2018 on the same topic by selected Matthias Fritsch, Irene Hoppenberg, Kirsten Wechslberger.

Artists “The Soil we live of”

Tom Albrecht, Ana Brotas, Lioba von den Driesch, forschungsgruppe kunst, Matthias Fritsch, Stephan Groß, Regan Henley, Irene Hoppenberg, Barbara Karsch-Chaïeb, Maria Korporal, Clement Loisel, Uwe Molkenthin, Annegret Müller, Sabine Naumann-Cleve, Rieko Okuda, Oliver Orthuber, Kirsten Wechslberger

The 17 artists show their positons to the topic with object, photography, video, installation, sound, performance, collective action, painting, drawing.

Interviews and photos of works and artists on the blog 1000


Exhibition 24.8. – 19.10.18, fridays 17- 20 clock

Vernissage "The Soil we live of". C T.A.

Vernissage “The Soil we live of”. C T.A.

Screening. C T.A. Boden von dem wir leben

Screening. C T.A.

Vernissage 24.8., 19 clock
– Performance “o.T.” Annegret Müller,
– Performance “SOIL SAMPLESBarbara Karsch-Chaïeb
Welcome to the exhibition by curator Tom Albrecht

Exhibition 31.8., 17-20 clock. The artist Kirsten Wechslberger is present.

Exhibition 7.9., 17-20 clock. The artist Irene Hoppenberg is present.

Extern: Day of the Worm – Wormparty in the Sky bed Community Garden (Berlin), 9. 9. 2018 at 11:00 – 18:00

Soil Action by Tom Albrecht. C L.v.d.D. The Soil we live of

Soil Action by Tom Albrecht. C L.v.d.D.

Artist talk with “Soil Action” by Tom Albrecht 14.9., 19 clock.
– Artists of the exhibition speak with guests about their works.
– “Soil Action” Tom Albrecht. Dear Guests, You are asked to bring a handful of soil from a location of your choice.
The Curator Tom Albrecht is present.

Audio document of “Soil Action” (german)

Exhibition 21.9., 17-20 clock. The artist Oliver Orthuber is present.

Lecture, Talk 28.9., 19 clock, “Boden – Basis des Lebens” (in german) Dr. Haiko Pieplow, Soil scientist, Ithaka-Institute
The Curator Tom Albrecht is present.

Exhibition 5.10., 17-20 clock. The artist Maria Korporal is present.

Exhibition 12.10., 17-20 clock. The artist Clement Loisel is present.

Finissage 19.10., 19 clock, Performance “soil” Duo Okuda / Orthuber
The Curator Tom Albrecht is present.


Jury: Tom Albrecht, MaraKorporal
Curator: Tom Albrecht

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