The Boiling frog

Exhibition “The Boiling frog” Fridays 17- 20 clock

17.5. – 14.6.2019

Works “The Boiling Frog” by Dorothea Etzler

Display and dialogue, photo and video work, lecture, workshop and discussion, hint, transformation and enigmatic.

In 1980, it was already called a climate catastrophe, now it is talked about climate change. But nothing changes for the right one. But nothing remains the same. The exhibition leads to one of the most important questions of the time: How can we reduce our ecological footprint?

The exhibition addresses the past and the future. On the basis of media works and events, she sheds light on the topic from various perspectives and shows a variety of insights and outlooks. Poetically playful, humorous and equally objectively neutral. The artist shows change and development. Yes – it has changed, yes – it is different. The question is how and not why.

The frog in the water, C. D.E.

Boiling Frogs, C. D.E.

The denial of change and disasters prevents appropriate action. Recognizing change enables change. And that’s why: It’s time to change our current actions!

Program “The Boiling Frog”

Vernissage: 17.5.2019, 19 clock



Finissage: 14.6.2016, 19 clock

Jury: Tom Albrecht, Mariel Gottwick, Curator: Tom Albrecht