Doomsday is not our fault

File window, C T.A. Doomsday is not our fault

File window, C T.A.

Exhibition “Journey to sustainability” Fridays 17- 20 clock

Exhibition, talks, lecture 16.8. – 25.10.2019

How do we do that with our conscience, what we have to do with our children with ecological change?

There are Warner before the “end of the world” in science, civil society, politics and advice and rules on more environmentally friendly behavior. But you have other worries than worry about sustainability. You book without regrets short trips and long-haul flights, because you separate the waste and buys organic, the politicians have to do something. You drive SUV because life is so tough.

What do artists say about the question of Journey to sustainability?

Program “Journey to sustainability

Construction 14.8., 4 – 6 pm

Vernissage 16.8., 19 clock

Artist talk 30.8., 19 clock

Lecture 13.9., 7 pm N.N.

Finissage 25.10., 19 clock

Jury: Tom Albrecht, Maria Korporal

Curator: Tom Albrecht