Exhibition – Talks

1st August – 26th September 2014, workdays, Friday 17-20:00

Water. A delicious liquid. Here, we have it in abundance but polluted by antibiotics and other substances, there, it is rationed or only drinkable in bottles from profiteers. The groundwater is polluted, salinated, while deserts spreads further. We pack water in climate-wrecking ways and ship it here.

Exhibiting Artist
Astrid Anka
Irene Anton
Stephan Gross
Beret Hamann
Künstlerduo Moseke+Pelda
Monika Ortmann
Roberta Orlando
Hans Polterauer
Stefan Riebel
Frauke Schmidt-Theilig
Herbert Stöger
Sven Wieder
Oksana Zmievska


Vernissage: 1.8.14, 19:00

Artisttalk: 19.9.14., 19:00

Lecture, Discussion: 15.8., 19:00, Dipl.-Ing. Erwin Nolde, „Wasserrecycling“. Friendly supported by Wissenschaftsladen kubus (ZEWK/KUBUS) der TU-Berlin TU Berlin

Finissage: 26.9.14, 19:00

Duration: 1.8.14-26.9.14

Curator: Javier Pérez-Lanzac