The Flood Today

Exhibition “The Flood Today” Fridays 17- 20 clock

Exhibition, talks, lecture 15.3. – 10.5.2019


Flooded cellars, covered roofs, furniture sinking in the mud. More and more frequently extreme weather events of short duration and high intensity such as heavy rain or storms occur in previously unknown locations and cause millions of damages. Whole fields have been washed away and have silted villages. In the plain, wide areas can quickly become submerged.

Swim well, C T. A. Flood Today

Swim well, C T. A.

Reasons are climate change, increasing surface sealing, increased rainwater drainage through sewer systems, short crop rotations, humus mining and uncovered areas of intensive agriculture. For a long time city planners thought the water was technically manageable. Today, countries, local authorities and citizens are called upon to take precautions. Renaturation measures in waters should make a contribution to flood protection. Rainwater retention basins and flood troughs are set up, the heavy rain risk managed and flood alert levels modeled. Organic farming protects the soil and helps to save rain.

Which positions do artists show on “The Flood Today”?

Program “The Flood Today”

Exhibition, talks, lecture 15.3. – 10.5.2019

Construction 13.3., 16-18 clock

Vernissage 15.3., 7 pm

Artist talk 29.3., 19 clock

Lecture 12.4., 7 pm, N.N.

Finissage 10.5., 19 clock

Dismantling 14.5., 17-19 clock

Jury: GG3

Curator: Tom Albrecht