Jawurst, C Tom Albrecht

Ja-Wurst, C Tom Albrecht


Objects, Photo, Photocollage, Installation, Video, Action, Lecture, Talks

6. March10. April 2015

Exhibition friday 17-20:00

How much meat enjoyment is ethically and ecologically correct? The
Sunday roast? Meat is considered to be a forest and climate-killer. The
use of energy is ten times higher for the production of meat than for
food crops. We see animal torture and multiresistant germs in the
intensive animal production.

Jörn Birkholz

Peter Clauss

Laura Fong Prosper

Kuesti Fraun

forschungsgruppe kunst & Nadine Jünger

Stephan Gross

Anne Hille

Lukas Julius Keijser

Usch Quednau

Anelor Robin, Edith Heidmann

Anne Sommer-Meyer

Sven Wieder

Vernissage, Veggie-Karni-Action Tom Albrecht 6.3., 19:00

Artisttalk 20.3., 19:00

Lecture Helmut Höge „Kühe weltweit“ 27.3., 19:00

Finissage, Performance Wieland Möller and Konrad Szymanski 10.4., 19:00

Video (19 Min.)

Under the title „Humanimalintuition“, Wieland Möller and Konrad Szymanski
are investigating in the relationship of humans and animals. They believe that
humans and animals are dependent from each other in equal ways and do not
show that much differences that humans would deserve the right to place
themselves above animals. In their performance they are researching the idea
of energetic exchange between humans and animals. For them Intuition is the
common ground and key for understanding.
A project by Konrad Szymanski (dance/movement/sound) and Wieland
Moeller (music/movement/sound)
Based on the questions of the various relationships of dance and music and
what is improvisation and instant composition, Konrad and Wieland are trying
to research their conscious for the present moment, the relationship of each
other and the arts as well as for the space.
This research is reflected in their performances, which are honest towards
each other and towards the present moment and the space. Therefore the
duo is inviting themselves as well as the audience to a journey of unknown