Can you buy pleasure?

19.5. – 30.6.2017

Kann man Genuss kaufen? Foto: M. Gottwick

Can you buy pleasure? Foto: M. Gottwick

Exhibition, Performance, Lecture

Exhibition: Fridays 17:00  – 20:00

Artists: Christiane Gaebert, Mariel Gottwick, Maria Korporal, Libera Mazzoleni, Monika Plattner

Are our senses ready to see, feel, hear, smell and taste? Do we still have the time to enjoy in peace? In the fast bite. Do we find the right measure? Do we enjoy food that has been denatured, artificially enriched with taste and optically refined? Is the enjoyment? Industrial fraud is standard to deceive consumers commonly.

There is the counter-movement of the regional, biological, fair, ethical. Can the consumer enjoy good heart? How has pleasure changed in our society today with different ways of life, different eating habits, stress?

The five artists‘ answer with Foto, Video, Installation, Objects, Interactive Installation and, Performances.


Vernissage 19.5., 19:00,
Performance „The art to eat a raisin“ by Christiane Gaebert

The art to eat a raisin. C Christiane Gaebert

The art to eat a raisin.
C Christiane Gaebert

Artiststalk 2.6., 19:00 with Mariel Gottwick, Maria Korporal and Monika Plattner via Skype

Lecture with Discussion 16.6., 19:00, „SINNvoll essen – wie die Produkte auf unseren Tellern mit unserer Lebensweise zusammenhängen “ by Johanna Ernst, cand. Master,  Universität Oldenburg im Fach Nachhaltiges Wirtschaften

Finissage 30. 6., 19:00, Performance „Godo ergo sum“ with two performances by the Italian artist Libera Mazzoleni:
1. Live Performance „Godo ergo sum“, 2017
Short action (13/15 minutes)
What would happen, TODAY, in the production chain of pleasure if the enjoyment would be satisfied? Is man the final purpose of producing pleasure? But also: what is pleasure?
2. Video of the performance „Today, ‚The gods are gone“ (from The last supper), 24 minutes.
In an unhallowed church, a table covered with a black cloth is going to host the dinner of 12 men; in the middle a dish full of fruit; in a line, waiting for the guests, 12 plates, some of which with specific objects connected to the person that will sit there. A mannequin with dark glasses and a military vest stays in the central position and will be the visual focus around which all people will move never communicating among them, but communicating with the rest of the world, thanks to technology, as usually happens to see in public spaces or on the tube, e.g. using ipods, tablets, mobiles…

Scene from the performance Today, „The gods are gone“ (from The last supper) © Libera Mazzoleni

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Residency with exhibition in sustainability and economics

Exhibition „Works of Sustainability an Oeconomic 7-.7.  – 21.7.2017

The three artists of the Residency-Programm show their work at Group Global 3000

Stephanie Hanna, Renate Schweizer, Jiun You Ou


7.7., 19:00 Vernissage

11.7., 19:00 Artisstalk and Lecture „Arbeit der Akademie für Suffizienz“, Dr. Corinna Vosse

14.7., 17-20:00 Exhibition

21.7., 19 Uhr Finissage, Exhibition starts 17:00

Works of Sustainability an Oeconomic by Ou Jiun You, Stephanie Hannah and Renate Schweizer

Works of Sustainability an Oeconomic by Ou Jiun You, Stephanie Hannah and Renate Schweizer

Academy for Sufficiency in Reckenthin / Germany in collaboration with Kunst-Stoffe – Centre for re-useable Materials and Group Global 3000 did offer three week residencies to artists of all disciplines.

This residency addresses artists with an interest to work on issues of sustainability and economics. Sustainability is understood as a principle of societal organisation considering ecological constraints while aiming at social justice. Economy is understood in a broad sense, as the organisation of human supply. In that sense, the economic organisation has a large influence on our quality of life. At the same time, it determines to what extend planetary boundaries can be respected. We as suppliers expect as a result a work that is addressed in this field and can be exhibited. Possible are Object, Photo, Video, Installation, Sound, Performance, Image.

The residency offers room and board and work space in the Akademie fuer Suffizienz in a rural setting. Basic workshop and equipment is available as well as basic art supplies. Subsequent to the studio phase participating artists have a group exhibition in the Projectspace Group Global 3000, Berlin.

Participants cover their travel expenses. We don’t want to contribute to the climate-related problems of air traffic. Therefore, we prefer applications from within train distance. We will provide support in the acquisition of travel grants if desired. 

For information on hosts and partners see;;


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